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A place of hope and healing in Loudon, NH

After considering the entries we actually received via e-mail the selection committee agreed that the Loudon Congregational Church would receive the first ever computer giveaway by Village Tech. Below is part of the nomination letter we received.

Our church does not currently have a computer. In fact, it's possible

that they have never had one! We also have no way to print anything in

color. Currently people work at home on their personal computers and

then bring a printout, and it's difficult to collaborate, to train

anyone, or to do anything "on the fly."


The church regularly gives back to the community

and to other charities. We have annual fundraisers for at least 3

different charities, two of which are local (one being the Loudon Food

Pantry). We also give at least 6 percent of all of our income to other

charities, half going to NH-based charities. And we've been blessed to

host a clothing donation shed, which many find quite convenient for

donations and is another way to help those in need.

We are communicating with the Church now and hope to have everything delivered shortly. We are also going to be able to provide a small computer desk as well. We encourage anyone may be interested to reach out to the Church, as they could also use some extra toner for the printer (it is being delivered with one full set of cartridges) and I believe they could also use a decent office chair.

We are very happy to be able to help out in the community and hope do be able to do something like this again in future.

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