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More Dirty Computer Stuff

This week we got another computer in for a deep cleaning, and while it was not the worst we've ever seen, it was still pretty dirty.

The outside showed the tell tale signs of just surface dirt and dust typical of a computer that has been sitting under a desk for years, doing its work but forgotten about because the the Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse take all the credit for the work that it does.

A closer look at the fans in the back show the buildup of crud and debris that not only has been affective computer temperatures (and therefore computer performance) but has been affecting air quality around the machine.

Inside was as bad or even worse than outside (the outside might have been wiped down once or twice in the last 5 years, the inside has never been touched).

We removed the fan mounted directly to the CPU and actually washed the heat sink with soap and water. The fan had to be cleaned by hand, one blade at a time.

This computer came out very nice, nearly back in like new condition.

Village Tech does computer cleanings like this as one of our standard services and a full cleaning for a desktop computer costs $55.00.

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