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New Technology Can Mean Good Deals On Not So New Technology

Its that time of the year when the major computer companies release all their new technologies hoping to cash in over the upcoming holidays.

Intel earlier this year released their 12th Generation of Processors and on October 20th will release the even newer 13th Generation. Intel also released a new line of Video Graphics Cards in direct competition to AMD and Nvidia.

AMD has released their new Generation of Processors (Ryzen 7000 series) and also has released their next generation of their Video Graphics Cards (also 7000 series).

Nvidia, the King of the Graphics Card market, has also released a new line of Graphics Cards (RTX 40 series).

All of this technology is new, all of it is top of the line, all of it is quite expensive.

What this means, however, is that the previous generations of these items can be had at a substantial savings. Systems that would have cost $2,000.00 only 18 months ago can be built for as much as 20 or 30 percent less today, and as such represent an incredible value in a price to performance comparison. Most users do not need the premium levels of performance offered by the newest generations of technology and need not pay the premium prices that go along with them.

This holiday season may well be the time to consider new computer equipment, and going with the "last" generation of technology may be a way to do so without breaking the bank.

Village Tech would be happy to discuss your needs and determine the best solutions based on your priorities.

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